In addition to opening a yarn store, I also have an idea for a place that would be kind of like a gym, but instead of having fitness equipment and classes, there would be crafting equipment and classes. There would ...Read More

For kicks, I checked the Sockapalooza 4 database today, and there were actually a couple of pals there who didn't get a pair of socks. So I have a pal to save! Yay! I looked her up on Ravelry, and ...Read More

At work, we're doing this Learning 2.0 project — encouraging library staff to become familiar with the Web 2.0 tools that our patrons are using and that influence the way people expect everything on the Internet to work. As part ...Read More

You wouldn't know it based on this blog, but I have been knitting the last couple of weeks. I made quite a bit of progress on the Cherry sweater over vacation, and then put it down for a while, mostly ...Read More

It's a bit of a made-up word, millediversary. In case your Latin's a little rusty, diversary is like anniversary, but for days instead of years, which makes millediversary a celebration of 1000 days. Mike and I kept a countdown to ...Read More

We brought Michelle back to the airport in South Bend Saturday morning, and afterward decided to hang around and explore a little bit. We expected to find some sort of campusy district with little funky shops and restaurants and stuff, ...Read More

I was just updating some stuff quickly over at Ravelry, and I realized that most of my projects at the moment fall into the gray/blue/purple range of colors. It's weird. It makes me want to start the pink and orange ...Read More

And then work happened. And Michelle. My sister, Michelle, was in town last week — she took some time off to study for her pediatrics boards and decided that she would be less distracted here than she would be at home. ...Read More