I've been waiting patiently for Ravelry to either go live or send me a beta invite, but it's getting tough, what with all the shout outs from other Sockapalooza knitters. The idea is this: you enter all sorts of information ...Read More

Mike and I went to the Salamon Farm Fiber Arts Celebration last Saturday (silly us, not bringing the camera — no pictures, unfortunately), ostensibly to look at stuff, but really to buy Mike a spindle. He's not at all interested ...Read More

Hello, my friendly sock pal! Thanks for leaving me a comment — I knew you were out there, but having some proof thereof is helpful. I know I left some kind-of persnickety instructions in my profile about color (What can ...Read More

It's a turtle. I made it for Mike for his birthday. It isn't necessarily that he likes turtles or anything. For some reason I started calling him turtle, as in, "Hi, Turtle, I'm home," or, "You're such a turtle." And, ...Read More

I just retrieved my sock pal's information, and by some wonderful stroke of luck, our feet/ankles/calves are almost exactly the same size. How very convenient. I've had these on the needles for about a month now: They're lovely — the gorgeous yarn ...Read More