I came downstairs yesterday morning and Basil was actually curled up in the basket liner I made for her last summer. I know in that first post I got a picture of her in it, but that was really a ...Read More

My husband was looking through the box that came from my upstream sock pal, and was perplexed by the additional little gifts of soap and bunny toy and chocolate (chocolate!). Him: I thought this was a sock swap. Me: It was. Him: ...Read More

We spent a lovely hour and a half or so at the zoo yesterday before our traditional Sunday morning grocery outing. We're members, and we like to go first thing, partly because it's before the crowds show up, and partly ...Read More

Mike and I went to the Salamon Farm Fiber Arts Celebration last Saturday (silly us, not bringing the camera — no pictures, unfortunately), ostensibly to look at stuff, but really to buy Mike a spindle. He's not at all interested ...Read More

To brighten up a rainy day. I made these from a kit I got at Paper Source — a frightening cash-vacuum for a gal with a paper fetish. Read More

Vacation. It's a beautiful word. I'm on vacation next week — the first real time off I will have had since early November — and I'm finding it really difficult to concentrate here at work. My brain is slipping away ...Read More

I have time issues. Not the "I-don't-have-enough-time" kind, but the "why-does-the-time-I-have-not-come-when-I-need-it" kind. I'm a big time morning person, which for any normal person would mean that I prefer getting up early to staying up late. For me, it goes so ...Read More

I just got the news that my dear, dear friend Deb passed away this afternoon. She'd been in treatment for leukemia since August, and was struggling to stay in remission when she had a stroke a couple weeks ago, falling ...Read More

I'm a fainter. I'm not ashamed to admit it. In fact, whenever there's blood or needles involved, I know after much experience that I need to start out sitting or lying down or I'll end up flat out on the ...Read More

It's been nearly three months since I last posted. I'd like to blame it on the fact that I've been busy opening the new Main Library, or that our digital camera was stolen when our house was broken into five days ...Read More