I thought I was being all stealthy by not including my URL in my 1/2 Sock Savior package, but Kathy, resourceful person that she is, found Stuff and Things and Whatnot anyway. I should have known better.

If you’ve linked here from Grumperina, welcome! Pardon the woeful lack of content — it’s not for lack of desire to be a good blogger. I have (maybe unfounded?) reservations about posting when I don’t have photos, and I’m never near my knitting and/or camera at the same time I’m moved to write. Perhaps having new readers will inspire me to be a better blogger. Or I need more faith in my writing ability.

So, pictureful and pictureless posts will be forthcoming. I’ll try this weekend to get some decent photos of the scarf I’m working on for my sister (black is so hard to get with our camera), show off my Petals Collection Calla Lily socks, and wrestle my Eris cardigan out from under the cat.