With my sock savior challenge well in place, I needed to track down some Cascade Fixation in a hurry — my foster sock pal can’t do wool. The colors they had at Cass St., my LYS, were all variations on purple and green, the two colors my sock pal dislikes.

But I found another great supplier at Simply Sock Yarn. Allison seems to carry just about every color of Fixation that there is, among other great sock yarns, and not only that, she’s local: she was able to meet me at Firefly Coffee House to hand off the yarn Monday evening before my knitting group at Borders, so I’m well through the leg of the first sock. Hooray! And as an added bonus, she gave me an extra great deal on the yarn, knowing that I’m coming through for someone who bailed on Sockapaloooza. Knitting karma is a wonderful thing.

Of course I’m not near my camera or knitting again, so I can’t show you pictures yet. I will soon.