[Blogging on breaktime is a little risky, but the way I see it, this is time I would otherwise spend eating, and it gets the stuff I've been thinking about all morning out in text so that I can turn my focus to the stuff I'm supposed to be working on...]

So. Yarn Harlot’s got the Olympic Knitting thing going on. I’ve been thinking and thinking about this: the idea of it is irresistible to me (’cause you know how I love a challenge), and I certainly have things in my to-do list that would make good Olympian challenges. I also have a whole bunch of unfinished objects that need my attention, many of which are for other people who have been waiting for them for some time now. Thus I have decided to finish those things for other people as a two-fold challenge: 1) there’s a hefty amount of knitting (and finishing!) to be done, and 2) it will be substantially difficult for me to resist starting the Eris cardigan or Union Square MarketPullover in the meantime.

The list:

  • Finish Mike’s Mountain Colors sweater. (This is the big one; I started it last March.)
  • Design/frog/knit Lisa’s hat and mittens to match Chaucer’s dog sweater.
  • Make somewhat less little the little hat for Robert Walls.
  • Knit Sarah’s Misty Garden scarf in Jo Sharp Kid Comfort Infusion.
  • Knit Matt’s stocking cap.

Comparing this to my knitting projects list, you’ll notice the Lattice Cabled Blanket is missing. Well, I need something to work on before the Olympics start, and the baby (Nora!) was born on January 31, so I’m pressing to get it done by the 10th.