For my very first foray into the world of community knitting (I’m not counting Nona’s Peaceful Palms KAL, because, with the deadline fast approaching, I have knitted exactly zero (0) stitches toward my gloves/mittens), I have signed up for Sockapaloooza over at The Blue Blog. I always seem to be much better motivated when I’m knitting for someone else, and when I’m knitting on a deadline, so this seems to be just perfect. I can’t wait to get the information about my secret pal so I can start work on her (I’m assuming it’s a her) socks!

Update! I now have, indeed, many more than zero stitches done on my Koigu i-cord gloves! Having first written this post, I got to feeling kinda lazy about not having done anything, so I dug up Nona’s pattern and did the first two pinkies at the doctor’s office this morning. (1/25/06)