Knitting news.

Last week was the week of hats. I finished three: a brown one for my brother-in-law, a soft little burgundy one for the young son of friends of ours, and one to use up a random single skein of Berroco Hip-Hop that I wanted to get out of my stash and ended up giving my sister because she thought it was cute. A fourth is almost done, except for weaving in the loose ends and adding braids and a pompom.

I finished the mobius scarf last night, leaving me ready to start some new projects. I plan to do some swatching of Wool of the Andes to see if it will suit the Eris cardigan. I’m hoping to get a lot of work on Mike’s sweater done. And I started the alpaca laceweight stole. The first couple rows were a little touchy, but I think it will get easier from there.

I have much yarn purchasing power at the moment, and I’m trying to decide how best to use it. There are a couple of big projects I’d like to buy yarn for — the aforementioned Eris cardigan, and the Union Square Market Pullover from Interweave Knits Fall ’05 — but it’s looking more and more like those are going to come from Knit Picks. So, in the meantime, I have $40 or so in credit at Cass St., another $40 or so at Mass. Ave. Knit Shop, and a $50 gift certificate from Webs. I do want some Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted to make some of the Jess Hutchison toys, and would also like to buy something to make a blanket or something for the McKinneys. Sarah has asked for a pretty scarf, and Matt for a nice stocking cap, so I could look for stuff for them. Most of that can come from Webs, I think. Then the rest I can spend on tools (Addi Turbos in the appropriate size for Eris, Eucalan) and just stuff I like. Making sure, of course, that I actually buy enough to be able to actually make something from it. A single skein ain’t gonna cut it.