I am a boring blogger with a boring blog.

I have this card I bought one time at Paper Source that has on its front a certificate for being a Bad Storyteller. It’s a little harsh, and I haven’t found the right person/situation yet for giving it, and so I see it every time I look in my stationery drawer to find a card for someone. I’m thinking that if I changed the word “Bad” to “Boring,” and “Storyteller” to “Blogger,” I’d have the perfect card to give to myself.

I don’t know why I’m so bad at blogging. Maybe I feel inadequate because the blogs I read (particularly the knitting ones) always seem to have new stuff on them, including pictures. I just never get the pictures going until I have a whole bunch of finished objects, and I never feel like I have something worth posting unless I have a picture. Or maybe I’m just not imagining that people will want to read my bad stories (See! Bad Storyteller!). I don’t know.

If you just got all excited because Stuff and Things and Whatnot finally turned bold in Bloglines, I apologize.