I finished the sweater for my friends, Steve and Jessica, who are expecting next month:

I think it turned out pretty well, although you can’t tell from this picture that the green is much more grassy than sagey. I had a little difficulty with the instructions when it came to the hood — you knit the hood onto the front of the sweater and then attach the bottom of it to the back neck, but the hood is about twice as wide at the bottom as the space in which to attach it, and there’s no direction for how to make it work. I checked and rechecked the pattern to make sure I hadn’t just made it too big, and then decided to ease/gather as I joined the two pieces.

I also finished a hat on Sunday for my sister’s best friend from high school, Kristin Schumard, who found out just a couple of weeks ago that she has breast cancer. If she’s 30, she just had a birthday. I used the random skein of Noro Silk Garden I picked up at Mass. Ave. Knit Shop in Indianapolis a couple months ago and winged it. Sorry no picture: I wanted to get it off to her ASAP as a pick-me-up. It makes the Breast Cancer 3-Day that we’re walking next month that much more important.

Next on the list is choosing sweaters for the niece and nephews. We’re celebrating Christmas in October, when the grandparents are up north from Florida, so I only have a couple of months. No problem, right?