So what the hell is up with airfares changing for no apparent reason? I suppose that’s what I get for not booking when the booking’s good, but c’mon people! A $100 jump?!?

So the hubby and I are going to Florida in November, first to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival at Disney World, and then to his parents’ house in Cape Coral. The most effective way to do this is to fly to Orlando, rent a car, and then fly home from Fort Myers, yes? To fly such a route from Fort Wayne will cost at least $320 per person, which really isn’t terrible, until you consider that a similar route priced a couple weeks ago from Indianapolis on ATA was $359. For both of us.

I just checked back randomly to see whether there are any better deals out there, and that same ATA itinerary has jumped up to $438. Why, why?!? We might be able to do better on Southwest, but they don’t fly Fort Myers to Indy, so we’d have to drive back to Orlando to catch the return flight, and then still drive to Fort Wayne, so it would have to be a significant savings to make it worth while. Southwest doesn’t have fares up past October 28 yet, so I’ll have to keep checking back.

And then there’s this question: If ATA remains at $438, after adding in the $20 or so for gas to Indy and up to $125 for the Park&Fly hotel deal, might it be worth just flying from Fort Wayne? For that matter, even if the Southwest Flight comes through under $350, there’s the added cost of renting a car for longer (+$120) to do all our driving back and forth, which might still make it a smarter deal to just fly from home.

Why must this all be so complicated? And why am I stressing out over it, when there are so many better things over which to stress, like closing on our house next week…