The Wearable Bam Boo sweater is done!
Yarn: Classic Elite Bam Boo (100% bamboo)
Pattern: Of my own devising
Needles: #6 Knit Picks Options
[I'm working on writing up this pattern, at which point I'll link to it here.]

In other news, I did the preparatory stitching on the Dale baby cardigan, so it’s all ready to be cut at knitting on Wednesday. With that off my plate, I’ll be down to just three projects: the calla lily/hydrangea socks, the alpaca lace stole, and Mike’s sweater. I did some ripping back on it yesterday and got back into the cable pattern with little difficulty, so I’m thinking it’ll move along pretty well. Which means it will be time for me to hit my Ravelry queue and start a New Project! Yay!