Remember how I was complaining about not having many finished objects to mention? I’m so close on these it hurts.

Dale Baby Sweater
The Dale of Norway Yoked Baby Cardigan is almost done. The only thing left is cutting the steek (which I promised my fellow local knitters I would do in front of them) and then knitting the plackets. I already wove in all the ends that won’t be caught in the machine sewing up the front.

Trekking XXL Socks
Seriously, after I took this picture, I had just enough time to Kitchner one toe and weave in ends. That’s all I have left on the other sock. They’ll be done tonight, I swear.

MS 3 wing
My Mystery Stole is blocked and drying as I type this. Sorry the photos are so dark — it got all dreary all of a sudden when I was about to take them, but I decided to go ahead anyway. I’ll have to post about the blocking frame at some point, too, but not now.