(Okay, not really. Certainly not mine, and no pressure for any yet-to-exist nieces or nephews. I just like knitting baby things.)

Voila my first Dale of Norway sweater!

I’m loving this thing! I did have a minor setback a couple of nights ago when I went to separate the yoke into body and sleeves and found out I was missing a stitch. It seems that after the first little motif, I had started looking at the instructions for the pullover, instead of those for the cardigan which allow for that lovely symmetry down the front. The bits of yarn spaghetti you see in that pile there are the vestiges of having pulled out about 4 inches of the yoke and reknit about 3.5 inches of it. I’m back on track, though, and I’m thinking ahead to knitting a grown-up sized Dale. Can’t wait…