I’d been lusting over Crystal Palace Bam Boo yarn since I’d seen it in my not-so-LYS — the most delicious shade of pink, so silky and with such lovely drape. So when my dear husband bought me some for my birthday last year, I started to look for a way to use it.

Here’s what I ended up with:

It’s the Butterfly pattern from Knitscene Spring 2007. This was actually my second attempt: the first time, with the size needles called for and knitting the size that ought to have fit my body, it turned out to be ridiculously big. This time the size of the thing is a bit better, but the construction of the top leads to sleeves that fall off my barely-existent shoulders. At any rate, I put it on to wear to work late last week and promptly changed my mind. It’s currently in the hibernation pile, but I have little doubt that I’ll be pulling it out and knitting something else entirely. (Something I can actually wear.)