I just retrieved my sock pal’s information, and by some wonderful stroke of luck, our feet/ankles/calves are almost exactly the same size. How very convenient.

I’ve had these on the needles for about a month now:

They’re lovely — the gorgeous yarn is from Sundara’s petals collection, and the pattern is Nancy Bush (who is awesome). I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get them finished and decide whether or not I want to part with them, and then figure out something else to make, instead.

Ooh! Also, yesterday my knitting friend, Katie, took me with her to Warsaw, IN to visit The Shuttle Shop, a sweet little yarn store. She had a gift certificate to spend, so she was doing some serious shopping, and since I’m still on a yarn diet, I just bought another one of those ridiculously cute Dale of Norway baby pattern books. There’s no baby niece or nephew to knit for yet, but I couldn’t resist. I mean, look at this:

Ridiculously cute, right?