Or at least I will have a stash once all my various and sundry shipments of yarn get to me. I have been trying very hard (with the small exception of sock yarn, which one always needs to have more of for when one finishes the pair of socks one is presently working on) not to buy yarn without any specific projects in mind for it. I’ve been doing really well, too. I have a small collection of leftovers I’ve been trying to use up, and everything else was purchased with a specific project in mind.

However, when my sisters and I took the aforementioned trip to my local LYS, I checked out their sale area and picked up 8 balls of RYC Luxury Cotton DK in Slipper, a rosy pink shade. I love pink, the price was right, and I think I can squeeze a Picovoli out of it; we’ll have to see.

Then WEBS was having a sale, so I added a random ball of green Debbie Bliss Merino Aran for my as-yet undesigned holiday wreath, along with some Jo Sharp Soho Summer in Oyster for another summer sweater, and some Knit One, Crochet Two Angora Soft in Dove at a ridiculous $1.50 per ball. I have no idea how it will behave, with its angora and viscose content, but at $18 for a sweater’s worth, I figured it was worth finding out.

And then, after talking with the Borders knitting group last night, I was somehow convinced that I absolutely should take advantage of the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed closeout at one of my favorite eBay stores, Jannette’s Rare Yarns. Oh dear. Had I bought everything I wanted to, I would have spent well over $200. As it was, I still spent more money than I should on yarn, but I got some serious bargains: enough 4-Ply for a sweater each for me and Mike, and four more random greens in various weights for my wreath. I think between what I’ve bought and what I have in my stash, I have 10 different green yarns.

I’ll take pictures once it all comes in, both of the yarn and of my attempts to cram it into my already full yarn storage.