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The Ultimate Magic Kingdom Touring Plan, devised by Len Testa as part of his work for the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, crams every operating attraction at the Magic Kingdom into one day of touring. As he says at, "It is not intended for families, first-time visitors, or for anyone simply wanting a nice day in the Magic Kingdom. It is designed for physically fit theme park veterans looking for a unique challenge."

I've been an avid Unofficial Guide reader since my first visit to Walt Disney World in 1998. The touring plan concept — taking data about ride capacity, time of day, and attendance levels and turning it into instructions for which attractions to see in what order — appeals to my inner geek, and has always struck me as abundantly reasonable. My travel companions, however, have never been quite so keen on the idea of scripting one's day at the theme park that meticulously. Fine: I'm not so obsessive-compulsive that I can't go with the flow. And while the idea of attempting this challenge has nagged at me since its inception in 2003, there have been other Disney World priorities: taking my then-fiance, Mike, on his first real Disney trip in 2004, our wedding and my running the Walt Disney World Half-Marathon in 2005, and the 2005 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival with parents and in-laws.

Finally, with a somewhat less packed trip on the horizon, I saw my chance. Mike is very indulgent of my crazy schemes, and it took suprisingly little convincing to get him to agree. We set our date, got in touch with Len, and spent the day before our attempt resting up on the beach at the Polynesian Resort.