And then work happened. And Michelle. My sister, Michelle, was in town last week — she took some time off to study for her pediatrics boards and decided that she would be less distracted here than she would be at home. ...Read More

You may already know that my family is kinda into Walt Disney World, but you may wonder how the heck we found Disney in South Carolina. Well, about five years ago, I bought an ownership interest in Disney Vacation Club, ...Read More

One ought not go to Hilton Head Island island if one has no intention of going to the beach. We found two different ways to enjoy it. Option A We stayed at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, part of their Vacation Club ...Read More

Having your birthday while on vacation is pretty cool. (I need to make a point to do it more often.) We got up really early and took a kayak tour with Ben Turner, owner and operator of Native Guide Tours. I ...Read More

There's more about the trip, but for the benefit of the lovely women at Wild Fibre in Savannah, Georgia, here's my vacation s'n'b: (Apologies for the lack of focus on that second shot...) I had thought looking for yarn for my friend ...Read More

Just got back from vacation. Much to write about. Watch this space. Read More

The Wearable Bam Boo sweater is done! Yarn: Classic Elite Bam Boo (100% bamboo) Pattern: Of my own devising Needles: #6 Knit Picks Options [I'm working on writing up this pattern, at which point I'll link to it here.] In other news, I did the ...Read More

I'm thinking about changing the theme on this here blog of mine. To what? I have no idea. I like the pink, but I'm not totally tied to it. And while the 3-column layout lets me pack in all kinds ...Read More

It felt so good to move a couple of my projects from "in progress" to "finished!" Here's the results: Yarn: Zitron Trekking (XXL) color 105 Pattern: my basic rib over 56 stitches Needles: #2 Addi Turbos (2 circs method) This picture is the best ...Read More

Remember how I was complaining about not having many finished objects to mention? I'm so close on these it hurts. The Dale of Norway Yoked Baby Cardigan is almost done. The only thing left is cutting the steek (which I promised ...Read More