Okay, so it's 7:15 am where my body (and blog) lives. I've been up for a good hour and a half — because that's what time my body gets up — and have been trying to decide whether or no ...Read More

Have I ranted here yet about well-written TV? No? Okay, well, I love well-written TV. Even though the shows I love most seem to get canceled before their times (see Firefly and Sports Night), I can't help it — I'm ...Read More

I may have mentioned that I have my own room at our house. It's a luxury of which, as an oldest child of four, I am deeply appreciative. A couple weeks ago we made a stop at Ikea, and I ...Read More

Right. Knitting. I've been finishing like crazy, so much like crazy that I don't have pictures of some of it and you'll have to take my word for it. I finished Michelle's black cabled scarf and hat, and brought them to ...Read More

Somehow I'd forgotten. I don't quite know how, but it took some recent BNL goodness to remind me how much they make me happy. Goodness #1: Michelle made me a CD of some fan club tracks that have Steve and Ed ...Read More

Since vacation, my sister, Michelle, has been knitting. I taught her while we were in Orlando, and she took off like a shot. For the longest time, though, there wasn't any kind of a yarn shop near where my parents ...Read More

I have no excuse, of course. And why I even feel like apologizing, I don't know. Saturday was a Day of Nothing at our house, a blank day I found several weeks ago and wrote in on the calendar so ...Read More

Check out this typing game — it's definitely more fun than anything I ever used for learning how to type, and maybe I'll finally get the whole c-v-b row straightened out in my fingers. Read More

You think job interviews are hard when you're trying to get a job? Try doing the interviews! We've got an open position that I'm responsible for and I've been interviewing candidates all week for it. With some good and some ...Read More

No, I didn't post yesterday. So much for the 30-day stretch. I have an excuse, though — I was sick, and a different sick that I was last week. It seems that at a D&D gathering over the weekend, a ...Read More