I promised I'd post pictures, and I did! Here's secret sock number one! I turned the heel last night, which is such a relief — with that accomplished, I think I'll actually get this done before the week is out. (don't mind ...Read More

With my sock savior challenge well in place, I needed to track down some Cascade Fixation in a hurry — my foster sock pal can't do wool. The colors they had at Cass St., my LYS, were all variations on ...Read More

Finally, a bunch of photos! First, one each of the two pair of Regia 6-Ply socks I cruised through during various local theater performances. Next, the beautiful socks my sock pal, Anmaryam, knit for me. It's Koigu in a gorgeous colorway. Here ...Read More

I am a Sock Savior. I got an email from Alison today, asking if I could please be a Sock Savior for someone who got bailed on. "Of course," I replied. The initial information on my new sock pal didn't have ...Read More

Okay. Yes, yes, I know I haven't posted pictures. The main issue is that I often post here in the odd moment of break time at work, so when I'm thinking about taking photos, I'm neither near my knitting nor ...Read More