One i-cord glove down, one to go! Much better color here. Isn't that gusset pretty? I figure I should be able to finish them by the end of the knitalong, January 31. Read More

I got the fingers on my i-cord gloves done, and in much less time than I thought they'd take. That Meg Swanson is mightly clever — this method gets the most tedious, least looked forward to part of the gloves ...Read More

For my very first foray into the world of community knitting (I'm not counting Nona's Peaceful Palms KAL, because, with the deadline fast approaching, I have knitted exactly zero (0) stitches toward my gloves/mittens), I have signed up for Sockapaloooza ...Read More

I had an amazing realization yesterday. I went to talk with a coworker about the furniture layout for her spaces when we return to our newly renovated building in about a year, and afterward, on my way out the door, ...Read More