Here's a chart with sock lengths for different shoe sizes: Sock Size Chart Read More

* PITA, of course, standing for, "Pain in the Ass." Last night, after having worked until 9:00, I was sitting on the couch, trying to relax and wind down enough to go to bed, and I picked up the Branching Out ...Read More

So I'm going to be getting my last huge long training walk in before the big Breast Cancer 3-Day next month, and if you want to come along for any piece or part of it, here's the route. Read More

Going through my typical morning routine, I just checked in at Bloglines. After hearing Grumperina's complaints about their not catching her updates (and they apparently haven't caught her most recent), I subscribed to my own feed a few days ...Read More

I finished the sweater for my friends, Steve and Jessica, who are expecting next month: I think it turned out pretty well, although you can't tell from this picture that the green is much more grassy than sagey. I had ...Read More

I got my order from Knitpicks yesterday and wasted no time getting to work. Instead of knitting an actual gauge swatch, I went ahead and cast on for the number of stitches needed — it's a baby sweater, after all — ...Read More

This blows my mind. Absolutely. So all that cool 37signals stuff from the last post? It's primarily developed using Ruby on Rails, which basically automates a whole lot of the nitty-gritty programming of any database-driven web-based application. ...Read More

I found some nifty new organizational tools (woo-hoo!) today through a Salon article about a company called 37signals. Their flagship product is and project management tool called Basecamp, but they have a webspace product called Backpack, and a list ...Read More

Someone on the Disney Deads website sent around this very awesome link today to a Google map add-on that allows you to point and click through a route and calculate mileage. Here's our regular route. Read More

I've made this twice now, loosely adapted from the "Strawberry Cheesecake Pie" recipe in Lauren Chattman's Icebox Pies (Harvard Common Press, 2002). Basic Graham Cracker Crust: 11 graham crackers, crushed in the food processor to yield 1 1/3 cups 5 tbsp. butter, melted 1 ...Read More