Some ideas for the Cherry Tree Hill Christmas present socks: Aran Braid Socks for Teri Basketcase Socks and the Sock Calculator. Read More

Some sleeper dimensions: Crate and Barrel's Troy Queen Sofa Sleeper: 78"x36"x29"h ($1399.00 + $225 s&h (up to $1600)) Crate and Barrel's Bayside Full Sleeper (w/washable slipcover): 78"x37"x31"h ($1799.00) Read More

I'm in the mood for socks. I've been looking at Nona's pattern for spiral socks, and didn't have much of anything to play around with (some nasty yellow nylon, and about 75 yds of red Fortissima), so I stopped ...Read More

To find out more about what hands our house has gone through (not having an abstract), we should do a title search at the County Recorder's office. We can probably trace a chain of title, which would lead us ...Read More

One thing we've learned in the last couple of weeks is that our new house is very condusive to having people over. Brunch for 8? No problem. Cast party for 18? Also no problem (except that ...Read More

I read it too fast. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? I read it too fast, scanning along to get from one plot point to the next, instead of slowing down and letting it really sink in. ...Read More

I had to do some major catch-up on the blog reading today, what with all the house craziness and whatnot. At any rate, over on the blue blog, Alison is working on a new felted Sophie Bag for ...Read More

Our house (the lovely new house we closed on yesterday!) is in Fort Wayne's West Central Historic District, which means that anything we wish to do to the exterior of the home needs to be cleared for maintaining the historic ...Read More