We brought Michelle back to the airport in South Bend Saturday morning, and afterward decided to hang around and explore a little bit. We expected to find some sort of campusy district with little funky shops and restaurants and stuff, ...Read More

And then work happened. And Michelle. My sister, Michelle, was in town last week — she took some time off to study for her pediatrics boards and decided that she would be less distracted here than she would be at home. ...Read More

I'm thinking about changing the theme on this here blog of mine. To what? I have no idea. I like the pink, but I'm not totally tied to it. And while the 3-column layout lets me pack in all kinds ...Read More

Deb's funeral was extremely cathartic, a chance to sob all the sobs I'd been carrying around with me for most of that week. I knit through the service — Deb wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I talked to my ...Read More

I am a boring blogger with a boring blog. I have this card I bought one time at Paper Source that has on its front a certificate for being a Bad Storyteller. It's a little harsh, and I haven't found the ...Read More

That's me! Hanging out, not writing a bit in these last few weeks. So here's what's going on: 1) I did the Breast Cancer 3-Day September 16-18. Mom, my sisters and I ended up raising over $10,000 for the event. You can ...Read More

So I'm blogging from the Indianapolis Convention Center. In spite of this being a "Day of Nothing" on our calendar, I've got myself dragged along to the pre-release tournament for Magic the Gathering's latest block, Ravnica. Geekfest extraordinaire. ...Read More

It's been a while since I've posted — good thing I'm not a part of any web ring or anything, or I might have been booted off by now — but I've had a ton of things on my plate. ...Read More