Check it out: Write yourself an email and have it delivered to you 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 years in the future. The stuff about how it works is pretty cool, with redundant systems and other failsafes. I wrote a ...Read More

Going through my typical morning routine, I just checked in at Bloglines. After hearing Grumperina's complaints about their not catching her updates (and they apparently haven't caught her most recent), I subscribed to my own feed a few days ...Read More

This blows my mind. Absolutely. So all that cool 37signals stuff from the last post? It's primarily developed using Ruby on Rails, which basically automates a whole lot of the nitty-gritty programming of any database-driven web-based application. ...Read More

I found some nifty new organizational tools (woo-hoo!) today through a Salon article about a company called 37signals. Their flagship product is and project management tool called Basecamp, but they have a webspace product called Backpack, and a list ...Read More

Someone on the Disney Deads website sent around this very awesome link today to a Google map add-on that allows you to point and click through a route and calculate mileage. Here's our regular route. Read More

I'm so pleased with myself: I successfully migrated my old posts from Blogger to WordPress! This is so much better, not only because I can put all my disparate posts in categories now, but also because I feel like ...Read More