Okay, so it's 7:15 am where my body (and blog) lives. I've been up for a good hour and a half — because that's what time my body gets up — and have been trying to decide whether or no ...Read More

Have I ranted here yet about well-written TV? No? Okay, well, I love well-written TV. Even though the shows I love most seem to get canceled before their times (see Firefly and Sports Night), I can't help it — I'm ...Read More

Somehow I'd forgotten. I don't quite know how, but it took some recent BNL goodness to remind me how much they make me happy. Goodness #1: Michelle made me a CD of some fan club tracks that have Steve and Ed ...Read More

I have no excuse, of course. And why I even feel like apologizing, I don't know. Saturday was a Day of Nothing at our house, a blank day I found several weeks ago and wrote in on the calendar so ...Read More

You think job interviews are hard when you're trying to get a job? Try doing the interviews! We've got an open position that I'm responsible for and I've been interviewing candidates all week for it. With some good and some ...Read More

No, I didn't post yesterday. So much for the 30-day stretch. I have an excuse, though — I was sick, and a different sick that I was last week. It seems that at a D&D gathering over the weekend, a ...Read More

You know, I was thinking today about how I'm maybe slightly cheating on this post to the blog every day thing. I have several draft posts written and waiting and ready to go for the days when I just don't ...Read More

You know those surrey bikes? The ones with the canopy and benches with spots for two to sit side-by-side and pedal? You know how they look really fun? Don't be deceived by our happy faces: we were happy to be done ...Read More

A Segway PT, that is. Coolest thing ever. While on vacation, we took the Segway tour around Epcot's World Showcase. The first 45 minutes or so were spent inside, getting accustomed to the machine and how it works. It's pretty awesome ...Read More

So one of the whole purposes of this latest vacation was to go to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, a costume-wearing, fireworks-watching, trick-or-treating bonanza. We had the best costumes: we all dressed up like my brother. My family started brainstorming costumes over ...Read More