Remember how I was complaining about not having many finished objects to mention? I'm so close on these it hurts. The Dale of Norway Yoked Baby Cardigan is almost done. The only thing left is cutting the steek (which I promised ...Read More

And don't let anyone tell you differently. Yeah, it's a phone, and yeah, it's an iPod, but what I'm loving most right now about my iPhone is that I can take pictures and immediately email them to my Flickr account. They're ...Read More

My husband was looking through the box that came from my upstream sock pal, and was perplexed by the additional little gifts of soap and bunny toy and chocolate (chocolate!). Him: I thought this was a sock swap. Me: It was. Him: ...Read More

They came! They came! My beautiful Sockapalooza 4 socks came! Michal sent them from sunny LA along with some yummy chocolate and other treats. Her struggles in the knitting were worth every stitch. They fit perfectly, avoided the dreaded pooling, and ...Read More

I'm sitting on my bed, watching reruns of Charmed (after Shannon Doherty left the show), and posting to my blog. Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot to post about right now. I got my socks sent off to my ...Read More

I got my Sockapalooza 4 socks out in the mail today, along with a couple of little surprise goodies. Here they are: This is Nancy Bush's "Conwy" pattern from Knitting on the Road. I used the Fall Foliage colorway from Sundara ...Read More

It seems like it's been quite a while since I finished knitting anything. There was that failed attempt at the sweater made of bamboo yarn, and while I'm making good progress with the new pattern, I'm note sure I'll finish it ...Read More

Three big pieces of news: Mike and I have our iPhones! Yay! In fact I'm posting this from my phone. Hi-tech awesomeness.We had a huge Harry Potter event at the library Friday night. Like, 4500 people huge. And we got lucky ...Read More

(Okay, not really. Certainly not mine, and no pressure for any yet-to-exist nieces or nephews. I just like knitting baby things.) Voila my first Dale of Norway sweater! I'm loving this thing! I did have a minor setback a couple of nights ...Read More

I'd been lusting over Crystal Palace Bam Boo yarn since I'd seen it in my not-so-LYS — the most delicious shade of pink, so silky and with such lovely drape. So when my dear husband bought me some for my ...Read More