In the weeks before our first anniversary, Mike and I had a little chat about what we wanted to do for gifts. We agreed we didn't want to get into a present-oneupsmanship game that could spiral quickly out of control ...Read More

It's a bit of a made-up word, millediversary. In case your Latin's a little rusty, diversary is like anniversary, but for days instead of years, which makes millediversary a celebration of 1000 days. Mike and I kept a countdown to ...Read More

Having your birthday while on vacation is pretty cool. (I need to make a point to do it more often.) We got up really early and took a kayak tour with Ben Turner, owner and operator of Native Guide Tours. I ...Read More

I couldn't resist this shot of my dear husband and his cute kitty napping on the couch. Read More

We spent a lovely hour and a half or so at the zoo yesterday before our traditional Sunday morning grocery outing. We're members, and we like to go first thing, partly because it's before the crowds show up, and partly ...Read More

It's a turtle. I made it for Mike for his birthday. It isn't necessarily that he likes turtles or anything. For some reason I started calling him turtle, as in, "Hi, Turtle, I'm home," or, "You're such a turtle." And, ...Read More

My wonderful husband came up with the best birthday present for me — a collection of nine gift certificates to local restaurants. Some are favorite places we go to frequently; others are places we've only tried once and have said ...Read More