I just found a cool pattern from Knitty.com for felted slippers. I talked a while ago about making a whole bunch of slippers in different colors to have on hand for people when they come over, after Edith's feet got ...Read More

Michelle wants a grey wool sweater. I don't know yet what she wants it to look like, but I know that she wants it grey and wool, and I'm hoping she'll like a yarn that I can get for a ...Read More

So I was at the Flying Pig Half Marathon this weekend, and catching a ride with my friend, Tom, from the Disney Deads listserv to the start of the race, he was telling me that his plan for the ...Read More

I mean, come on! It's pink! What more could a girl want?I have apparently been heard to say (although I don't remember it) that pink is the perfect color because you can always add more. I don't know that this ...Read More