I am a Sock Savior.

I got an email from Alison today, asking if I could please be a Sock Savior for someone who got bailed on. “Of course,” I replied. The initial information on my new sock pal didn’t have a name on it, but as I read about fiber preferences, I got the feeling I knew who it was.

As it turns out, I do.

This person is pretty well-known in the land of the knitblog, and while I know Sockapaloooza is just one friendly knitter making something for another, I also feel a little like I’m making something for a bestselling author or movie star. Except that instead of making something for someone I’ve admired anonymously in a stalkeresque kind of way, this particular something will have been specifically requested. And it’s gotta be good, too. And fast, because my sock pal has been left hovering over the mailbox for the last month and a half, waiting for something that would never come. Nothing like pressure.