Here’s the final list of Olympic projects:

  • Finish Mike’s Mountain Colors sweater. (Front and back done)
  • Design/frog/knit Lisa’s hat and mittens to match Chaucer’s dog sweater. (DONE)
  • Make somewhat less little the little hat for Robert Walls. (DONE)
  • Knit Sarah’s Misty Garden scarf in Jo Sharp Kid Comfort Infusion. (DONE)
  • Knit Matt’s stocking cap. (DONE)

My dear husband, in his ultimate wisdom, looked at my progress as of Friday night and suggested to me that he can wait for his sweater for as long as it takes to finish it. I have not cast on the sleeves yet, opting instead to make Matt’s hat, which I did in plenty of time for the closing ceremonies. Still, no gold for me.

To add a little insult to injury, there was no (none, zip, zero, zilch, nada) mention of curling through the entire closing ceremonies. None. Viewership for the sport has been strong on cable (1.6 million viewers for the men’s U.S./U.K. round-robin match), and by winning a medal, the American men made Olympic history, etc., but there was no love for the curling in prime time. Sniff.