Here’s the updated list of Olympic projects:

  • Finish Mike’s Mountain Colors sweater. (Front and back done)
  • Design/frog/knit Lisa’s hat and mittens to match Chaucer’s dog sweater. (DONE)
  • Make somewhat less little the little hat for Robert Walls. (DONE)
  • Knit Sarah’s Misty Garden scarf in Jo Sharp Kid Comfort Infusion. (About 60% done)
  • Knit Matt’s stocking cap. (Haven’t even started)

Sorry! No time for pictures; knitting only!

I’m thinking I might have a chance at finishing the first four items on the list, particularly if I can get front and back of the sweater blocked either tonight or tomorrow, which will make the piecing together that much easier. Sarah’s scarf goes very quickly, indeed, between the needle size (8) and the loft of the yarn. Matt’s hat, on the other hand, may fall by the wayside, which would be a crying shame — like (dare I say?) Lindsey Jacobellis’ youthful exuberance knocking her back to the silver medal position in the women’s snowboard cross. My enthusiasm for knitting a lot in a hurry will have made my eyes bigger than my needles, and will cost me Olympic Knitting gold.

Oh, well. As Brenda Dayne said in Episode 10 of her podcast, Cast On, it’s really just a big waste of time. And I’m happy with that.