1. I got maybe 5 hours of sleep last night, between not falling asleep until after 11:00, being up in the middle of the night from 2:00-3:30 or so, and getting the 5:45 wake up call from my wonderful husband. There is a pattern of this kind of sleep — or lack thereof — stemming from any number of problems, from stress to a change in meds to a really bad mattress. It has to change.
  2. I inadvertantly gave away my name to my sock pal last night. I thought I was being all clever, with my email alias and stuff, and my silly email about measurements. Unfortunately, I forgot to change the name attached to the alias, so my pal knows who I am. Clearly I won’t be posting any kind of information about my sockapaloooza socks on the blog until after they’ve been sent out in May.
  3. I feel like I’m a little out of control here at work, like I haven’t remembered yet how to stay on top of eight different things at the same time. I used to know how to do it. Now I feel like I’m starting to disappoint people I respect a whole heck of a lot, and I’d hate for them to start questioning their decision to put me in this new position. Due to item 1, however, I’m in a fog and don’t feel at all capable of staying on top of one thing today.

I know a good night’s sleep will help a lot; the big question is whether I’ll get it or not.