So I’m blogging from the Indianapolis Convention Center. In spite of this being a “Day of Nothing” on our calendar, I’ve got myself dragged along to the pre-release tournament for Magic the Gathering’s latest block, Ravnica. Geekfest extraordinaire. I am so not playing (I have my own expensive hobby which, as I like to think to myself, at least has a pragmatic element), but my husband and Alice, a good friend of his, are. Alice and I are currently two of five girls in a room with about a hundred geeky boys and men, ranging in age from 12-ish to well into the 50s. It’s a little weird.

I did find the wifi connection, though, and I figure if Mike can spend $75 playing with collectible trading cards for the day, I can spend $9.95 to blog and work on my 3 Day website.