Going through my typical morning routine, I just checked in at Bloglines. After hearing Grumperina’s complaints about their not catching her updates (and they apparently haven’t caught her most recent), I subscribed to my own feed a few days ago, and I was very pleased to see that my post from yesterday recorded as new. Imagine my utter and complete surprise to find another subscription to my feed! Welcome!

I can only imagine that you found your way here by searching for some knitting-type something, so by way of explanation, this did not start out to be a knitting blog. It started out to be a place to record all of the things I have a tendancy to write down on little slips of paper to remember for later and then either lose before I can use them or throw them away after some weeks because I can’t remember what they were for. Thus, there are lots of random categories over there on the right. It’s become pretty knit-heavy because I’ve been pretty knit-obsessed of late. If you’re a visitor or subscriber, I hope you’re getting what you came for.