So we’re moving into this house, right? Yesterday before work, I was watching some show on HGTV and there was this thing on with this woman who lives in a tiny apartment and has all this multipurpose furniture to make a great multipurpose room. Put this together with the fact that I get to have my own room — the craft room/guest bedroom/escape clause/cat hair free zone — and I suddenly have the whole concept in my head.

The room is already painted a warm grey, and the floors are wood painted a dark brown. It’s north-facing but has two big windows, so it’s nice and airy without being sunny. If I bought a sleeper sofa for that room, we’d have a place for guests to sleep, but keeping it folded up and out of the way most of the time would give me enough space to put a table in there pretty permanently, and would also make it possible to actually do yoga, or comfortably read or knit in there. And if the cats don’t get to come in, I could get a white sleeper sofa without worrying about the cats getting all on it. So I’m thinking white on white, with some dark wood and black accents. I’m seeing black frames with big matte and little black and white line drawings, and lots of different textured white and off-white fabrics. I’m so excited!

While I was up thinking about this past my bedtime last night, it occured to me to thank my husband for letting me have my own room, to which he said, “It’s so not a big deal for me, and I know it’s important to you.” He’s the best guy ever in the whole world.