It’s clearly been a ridiculously long time since I’ve been an active blogger. The last nine months have been pretty tricky, and it’s only in the last few weeks that I finally feel like I’m getting fully back into the swing of things. Thank goodness for that.

Here are some of the things that have happened since I last blogged:
1. I worked dramaturgy on Much Ado About Nothing.
2. I presented a big old program at the conference for my professional organization.
3. We visited Mike’s parents.
4. My meds stopped working.
5. I gained, like, fifteen pounds.
6. I felt like myself again.
7. We went on vacation with the Hoffmans.
8. I had two root canals.
9. We got a dog.

There’s been all sorts of other stuff in among the high (and low) points, but that covers the bulk of what’s been going on.

So now that we have this clever, clever dog, I’ve decided to spin off the knitting portion of what’s here to my other domain — — and give Stuff and Things a different spin. There will be new designs in both places, so keep watching this space (if there are any of you left watching) for updates on the renovation.