I’m exploring yet another alternate career as a dramaturg, the person who works with the director and actors and helps to make sense of the text of a play before it gets staged. First Presbyterian Theater is doing my absolutely, all-time favorite Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, and so I get to exercise my English major muscles and help with vocabulary and usage in the initial table reads of the script.

Totally fun, except that it’s past my bedtime every night, and I am exhausted. These crazy theater people live their lives a good two or three hours later than I do, and it’s starting to take its toll. And I knew it, too: I’ve had this experience before, and know what it does to me, but Beatrice wouldn’t let me stay away. Thankfully table work is over next week, and it will be another couple of weeks before I’m called back to be on book and check the accuracy of the text, which means a couple of weeks to try to catch up sleep before my schedule gets all thrown off again.