We brought Michelle back to the airport in South Bend Saturday morning, and afterward decided to hang around and explore a little bit. We expected to find some sort of campusy district with little funky shops and restaurants and stuff, and totally didn’t find it. So then we went to track down a game shop our friends Conrad and Heidi mentioned when we saw them last week, and thought we found it, and then discovered they didn’t open until noon. We had, like, an hour to kill, and nowhere to go until we drove back toward campus and I saw a sign for the Potawatomi Zoo. Being members of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, we got reciprocal free admission, and figured that would be as good a place as any to hang out.

It’s a lovely place, the Potowatomi Zoo. Having only brought our phones, we didn’t get many great pictures, but here are a few.

Koi at Potowatomi Zoo
These koi freaked me out a little bit, with their big sucking mouths and frenzied feeding.

Black and White Ruffled Lemur
Ridiculously cute, this black and white ruffled lemur is curled up taking a nap with a friend.

The cotton top tamarin clusters with 5-15 others around a sleeping area. When we walked up to their exhibit, they were on the look out.
Cotton Top Tamarins

As soon as a loud bunch of people came through the door, they all got up and spread out across the exhibit to defend their home.
Cotton Top Tamarins

It was a good time. After the zoo, we made it back to the game shop, where we bought a bunch of 1-2 player games we can play together, and had a tasty lunch at Chipotle before heading home again.