And then work happened. And Michelle.

My sister, Michelle, was in town last week — she took some time off to study for her pediatrics boards and decided that she would be less distracted here than she would be at home. I think she got quite a bit done. The big part of my job was to keep her on task: getting up at a consistent time, working on questions, going to bed at a decent hour. It just didn’t leave a whole lot of time for blogging.

The work happening is that I got back to work from vacation right at the launch of a big technology learning initiative that one of the committees I chair has been working on. We’re calling it Learning 2.0, a take-off on Web 2.0 because we’re asking staff to get some exposure to and experience of Web 2.0 tools so that they can find ways to use them in the library, and know what the heck people are talking about when they come in trying to figure out how to link to a picture from Flickr in their MySpace page. I’ve written a bunch of blog posts in the last week, but they’ve been all work related.

I still have a whole bunch of stuff to write about. Hopefully I’ll get some more time this week to work on posts and pictures and stuff.