We spent a lovely hour and a half or so at the zoo yesterday before our traditional Sunday morning grocery outing. We’re members, and we like to go first thing, partly because it’s before the crowds show up, and partly because it’s before it starts to get hot out, which is good for us and for the animals.

We headed straight for the Rainforest, working our way backwards toward the Siamangs. Our zoo had a successful birth a couple of years ago, after which mom for some reason rejected her baby. So now it’s just Dad and little Tucker, now just over two. He’s looking more and more like a siamang these days — broader, more muscular shoulders, longer torso. He seems to play-fight with Dad a little less, but is starting to vocalize along with him in the mornings. He has this ridiculously cute little air sac under his chin, and makes little hoots that crack me up every time. We stayed to watch them for about 25 minutes, until the first of the crowds started to show up. It’s a good time.