Since vacation, my sister, Michelle, has been knitting. I taught her while we were in Orlando, and she took off like a shot. For the longest time, though, there wasn’t any kind of a yarn shop near where my parents live, and so any thoughts I had of bringing her on a yarn shopping expedition when I’m home for Thanksgiving were totally put on the back burner. There is, however, a relatively new store in Davenport, IL — The Yarn Shoppe. The owner, Laurel, has been there about a year, and she’s going to be open the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, so perhaps we’ll be able to make a trip down there after all. Michelle’s going to be needing a new project, especially after she cruised through the Dalegarn Ara scarf kit she bought at Epcot, and has moved on to cotton dishcloths for lack of a better project. I’ll post pictures, for sure.