I don’t know what the deal with Bloglines is. It seems to handle most of my feeds just fine, and catches updates pretty immediately. There are a couple of blogs it’s weird about, though:

  • All of the Salon.com blogs — There seems to be a huge delay between new posts showing up on Salon (in War Room or Broadsheet, for example) and in Bloglines. It can be hours, which kinda defeats the purpose of tracking a current events blog. Last Wednesday was the case in point, between late election returns and Rumsfeld’s resignation.
  • ACPLinfo — Every time a post gets edited, it shows up as new in Bloglines.
  • This blog — Sometimes posts get caught by Bloglines right away. Sometimes, it’s like they sit for a day or two.

I don’t get it. If you like another tool that you successfully use to access the same feeds on more than one computer, let me know.