Choice vacation pictures will be coming, including documentation of the Halloween costumes extraordinaire, but for now, all I have to talk about is the extremely crappy souvenir I brought home from Florida:

A cold.

Luckily it didn’t start until Saturday morning after we had taken our Segway tour of Epcot (which was really cool and will be detailed in another upcoming post). The flights home, on the other hand, were miserable. I went back and forth from sweating to shivering, and my dear, dear husband, who really likes the window seat, gave it up for me so that I could sleep most of the way.

The really sickly part is pretty much over at this point. Now I just have this lingering cough and scratchy-throatedness which isn’t making me too excited about the panel I’m supposed to be on two days from now talking about the future of reference services in libraries. I don’t entirely know what I’m going to say yet, a fact that has me far less worried than whether or not I’ll actually be able to say it.

Oh, yeah. I’ve been knitting, too, finishing up projects left and right. I’ll save those for upcoming posts. (Don’t want to run out of things to say before my 30 days are up…)